Here you’ll find our briefings on initiatives designed to boost local economic growth, including Local Growth Deals and City Deals.

Local Growth Deals

Growth Deals between the Government and the 39 Local Enterprise Partnerships were announced on 7th July 2014. This briefing for Northern Housing Consortium members answers your questions on the Local Growth Fund and Local Growth Deals, takes a look at the overall picture for the North and summarises each of the 11 Northern deals, focussing on the housing impacts of each one.

Cities, agglomeration, housing and the north

Many of the recent policy initiatives to boost local economic growth are based on economic theories around agglomeration. This is the concept of increasing returns to scale. Our July 2014 member briefing looks at the changing way UK cities are viewed by policy makers, reviews some of the key literature and identifies challenges and opportunities for the North’s housing sector.

City Deals

City Deals were first announced with the publication of the ‘Unlocking Growth in Cities’ paper in December 2011. City Deals between central government and all eight of England’s ‘Core Cities’ were published on Thursday 5th July 2012, following the earlier agreement of the Liverpool and Manchester City Deals. The Consortium has produced a briefing for members which sets out the background to the deals and looks at the implications of each of the original five Northern Deals for housing organisations in the North of England.