Guestblog: Support your digital transformation with centralised software procurement from COMPAREX


As housing associations battle reduced government subsidies and increased regulatory requirements, they face an uphill struggle to increase productivity without a significant outlay. One way in which organisations are looking to increase output and reduce expenditure is through digital transformation.

By updating processes related to IT and procurement, housing associations and housing groups in local government can also make substantial savings.

Reduce expenditure by taking stock

Digital transformation relies on the use of new technologies, software and services, delivered on-premise or via the cloud, to modernise and simplify business operations. The growth of the cloud has also enabled employees to communicate and collaborate from wherever they are – whether conducting inventories or inspecting new properties – which is particularly important for modern housing associations and groups that are often spread across different locations.

However, while adopting new technologies can drive down expenditure, procuring, managing and maintaining the subsequent software licences inefficiently, can erode any cost savings. Therefore, reviewing software use frequently is essential for housing associations.

To do this comprehensively and ensure they maximise the benefits of digitalisation, housing groups may need to enlist expertise from outside the organisation. After all, the prowess of housing associations lies in providing social housing for tenants, not detangling the complexity associated with software licensing.

Get secure support from a proven track record

Having just a single software provider can hugely reduce the complexity associated with software procurement and licensing. Additionally by enlisting a global partner, taking advantage of its global footprint and network of distributors may provide the best sourcing option, agreement option and agreement type suited to the organisation’s specific needs.

With a trusted and knowledgeable partner, housing associations can ensure they stay compliant with industry regulations, do not fall foul of licensing T&Cs, and reduce the cost and legwork associated with digital transformation.

Our offer to NHC members

The NHC has teamed up with COMPAREX to offer their members a significant discount on a Proof-of-Value exercise for the Portfolio Management Platform. This ‘health-check’ for your organisation will provide a valuable insight into your organisation’s use of software, licencing of software, security risks and potential savings. It will provide you with reports and data around where your organisation can make considerable cost reductions and how to eliminate security risk. For further details download our flyer.

To take advantage of COMPAREX’s procurement services, and to support your digital transformation as part of the Northern Housing Consortium’s Business Improvement Services, please contact Nigel Johnston.