NHC welcomes the GEM Programme to work with members

At the NHC, we are acutely aware of the challenges and opportunities for the North of England – in particular, the opportunities presented by the Levelling Up agenda and decarbonisation of housing stock. It is essential that the North’s communities and economy can thrive, with everyone having access to good quality housing and the skills they need to take advantage of employment opportunities. We will need the next generation of housing professionals to implement the changes that will continue to improve our built environment for all, and part of that will be helping to visualise the cities of the future. We’ve seen rapid changes to our towns and cities – changes only accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic – so this is a timely opportunity for people with a future in the housing sector to learn and understand more about what lies ahead for the places they live, work and socialise.

As a result, we recently held a conference for the GEM Programme on the 20th of September surrounding how the GEMs can make 15-minute communities within our member areas of Liverpool, Greater Manchester, Sunderland, Birghouse and Castleford. The GEMs will now be working on this project in collaboration with our members from these areas and will present their recommendations on the 4th of November as part of the morning sessions of our flagship event- The Northern Housing Summit. In the meantime, we are incredibly excited to see the progress GEMs make in figuring out how to revolutionise our northern towns and cities.

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