Full Rent Accounting module launched by Locata

Locata will be launching a full Rent Account module in November, giving officers a single integrated system for the step-by-step management for rent accounting.

The system is being built to work alongside Coventry’s new Locata Choice Based Lettings system and is expected to be live by early November.

The system integrates with our various Locata Pro housing modules, working across a common database and interfaces smoothly with Housing Management Systems and online form processors.

The new module has been eagerly anticipated by many Locata customers and is expected to be rolled out to several housing schemes before the New Year.

Features include:

  • Integration with Finance and Housing Benefit Systems
  • Global rents set up
  • Arrears handling
  • Automated rent statements
  • Loans
  • Reconciliations

The system makes extensive use of automated, staff programmable tasks and questions and workflow processing.

This approach to rent accounting ensures all reminders, alerts and targets can be delivered, with the ability to process account payments, credits and debits alongside arrears management and invoicing.


Proof of ID & Validation

Locata has also launched a new enhancement to its letting systems processes that allow housing officers to verify identity documents quickly and accurately.

We are working with our partner Trust ID to allow fast and accurate checks of driving licenses, identity cards, passports and visas.


The Proof of ID & Validation process allows officers to check the customers ID at point of offer.

This can be done by checking it as “pre-verified” or passing it to Trust ID for validation in real time to check the ID is valid.

Now that we have uploaded Proofs of ID on the journal, officers can use them in the process. When the “offer” button is clicked a pop up will display asking the officer to select the household member and type of ID.

At the offer point a message will be returned saying that the Photo ID was submitted from the journal and was either valid or not.

The officer that submits the request for the proof checks is also sent an email to indicate if the check was successful or not.

If it was valid the officer can continue with the offer. There is a “show details” button which allows a detailed report to be viewed or if “view” is clicked, an image of the ID will appear.


You can find out more about how the enhancement works on our Help Site, which you can view by clicking here.

Alternatively, contact Locata directly and we will be happy to tell you more about this or any of our new modules. Email info@locata.org.uk