Northern Housing Consortium launches new look

Housing membership organisation the Northern Housing Consortium has launched a new logo to reflect the ongoing evolution and growth of the organisation. 

Refreshing the old brand which had been in place for 12 years, the new look was created to articulate the strong, modern, and professional nature of the NHC which represents over 96% of housing providers in the North. 

The visual look has also been developed for digital first, partially in response to the changes to the world of work over the last 12 months with more reports and documents being viewed on screen, and events occurring online, than ever before. 

The Northern Housing Consortium also plans to reduce the volume of material printed as part of its drive to reduce carbon emissions. 

In Summer 2020, the Consortium launched the #OurNorth Net Zero – a programme of work which aims to give NHC members the knowledge and connections to decarbonise their housing stock with confidence, and to secure the necessary resources to do so. 

Staff have also undergone carbon literacy training and a Net Zero working group has been created. 

Tracy Harrison said: “At a time when many of our members are having to tighten up their budgets, we have invested in the brand development as a way which will make us more efficient and effective as an organisation. 

When we surveyed our members last year it was apparent that our old branding was not in line with what our members thought of us or wanted from us. 

In addition to this, the events of 2020 really forced the world of work online and people are using their screens much more than ever before for meetings and events, as well as reading more electronic versions of reports and briefings 

We used this as an opportunity to create a visual identity that puts digital first, making it easier for our members to interact with us. 

Brian Robson, Executive Director (Policy and Public affairs) added: 

In 2020 we took all of our events, round tables, reports and briefings online making it easier than before for our members to interact with us. 

The result was the highest level of engagement we have ever experienced, and we feel that the new logo and visual identity is the next step in delivering our services to enable greater change in the Northern Housing sector.” 

For further information about the Northern Housing Consortium please contact James Burman on 07970 868333 or 


About the Northern Housing Consortium (NHC) 

The NHC is a membership body representing the views of over 96% of housing providers across the North of England. Our events and procurement services extend beyond the North, to approximately 150 affiliate members. We use the insightful views and experiences of our members to influence policy and we strive to remain a strong Northern voice on behalf of our membership.