Commission for Housing in the North

The Northern Housing Consortium believes that locally driven regeneration and a strengthened housing supply are critical to achieving the growth needed across the North to develop and rebalance our economy. We know the North has the potential and the opportunities to do this.

We share the views of many in calling for concerted and consistent policies to boost investment in our infrastructure, which includes housing, and to provide the local flexibility to most effectively manage it. In return we will bolster our tax base whilst equitably and sustainably driving down expenditure on welfare dependency.

Making Places that Work

We Need Your Views

The NHC shares the Government’s ambition to create a housing market that works for everyone. To help achieve this, we have been progressing the recommendations made by the Report of the Commission for Housing in the North (above). Our recent work has shown the importance of improving the quality of existing homes and places alongside the need for new supply in place-based strategies.

We have summarised these findings in “Making Places That Work – Delivering Housing Regeneration in the North”, a paper based on discussions we held with our members during the Autumn, which concludes with proposals to help us to move forward with this work.

We believe we need to reclaim the term ‘regeneration’ to reflect the positive impact it makes on people and places across our regions. We know that when done well and in the right places, housing-led regeneration delivers substantial benefits, including increasing the scope for new development on brownfield land and widening housing choices. We will be talking to politicians, decision takers at local and regional level and other key influencers to take forward this message and this is why we want to hear from you.

We are looking for:

  1. Your views on the paper, particularly on who else we should be speaking to and what you think of our key messages. Please send your comments to FAO Pete Bailey, NHC Associate.
  2. Examples of good practice and case studies where regeneration has had a positive impact on the quality of life of local communities. Where appropriate we would like to publish these to highlight the importance and value of the work to bolster our case.
  3. Any empirical evidence around the economic uplift or social improvements regeneration investment has made over time

Please let us have your comments and feedback – your views are a critical element of this work.

Download the paper here.